Is painting easier than drawing? – Free Online Art Courses Uk

When you’re an artist, you’re trying to portray something which is interesting. You want to create a sense of wonder. Drawing is something more abstract, you’re trying to depict what happens on a visual level. Paintings are usually more direct and they’re usually more abstract. A lot of painter’s style are in their way more personal.


Do you have any tricks for painting that have really helped?

I like painting with the palette knife. With my palette knife I am able to draw with more detail than you would think. When I paint using the palette knife I can put in more colours and that’s very helpful when you’re trying to simulate the textures of a painting that you would have.

Are there any ways you can increase your experience while painting?

First thing you have to learn when you’re painting is what you are going to use your palette knife to paint. You might start painting on an art board or try to copy or emulate the style of a painting. Also learn how to recognize the different moods in a painting and know what you can paint in that mood and what you can’t.

I’ve written about how painting is something that requires both technique and personality to perform well, which definitely holds true with me. You need to be able to tell what is important and what is not. I think a lot about my drawing technique, I do draw and paint with the palette knife and use my eyes to see things.


Do you take a lot of advice from teachers?

I try hard at taking a lot of feedback from teachers and everyone likes to be helpful. I think it’s very important to take their advice and practice it over and over so that you get it right.

You also mentioned that you’re not afraid to take risks. What can you find challenging in your painting?

I’m not afraid to take more risk than I can handle. I’d feel pretty nervous if I wanted to be on the winning team during a competition in front of a big audience. The way to get yourself to that point has been to take the risk. If I am going to be in a painting contest, I’m probably going to have the risk taking mentality. The big one is to try to paint in a way that inspires a feeling or something that just makes you excited.

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