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I’m not sure what painting actually is – I suppose I’d like that better, but I think there’s a bit more to it than that. My painting style is pretty different from other artists, so I guess there’s a few other factors at play in terms of how easily I can paint, as well as how much practice I do to perfect it.

As you point here, your paintings seem to have a strong connection to music, particularly to the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Have you found in the last few years that the relationship between your art and music has changed? Have you found a natural way for the two to merge and for the two to communicate more effectively?

Well, the way the music has been making me move over this album is so cool, and it always has been. It’s a really exciting time to be a fan of bands that play like this. I’ve had a lot of music that I’m really into recently, so I’m really enjoying this tour, which I feel is really fun. I feel the music is pretty intense too, when you’re going through it with others.

In terms of playing with other artists who aren’t just your peers, in your interviews you’ve described yourselves as a “collective”, and you’ve spoken of some new music from the group. What made you decide to begin touring the new material?

Well, it really became a reality in the last few days, so the last day, and the first hour, were when we were working on it. I think after we finished last night’s shows, it was pretty clear to us that we were really into it. It really came from the idea that it would feel really nice to be together on a stage, and we didn’t have to be alone any longer.

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How involved do you feel in the writing process for each of your live shows?

Well, it’s kind of funny to me how one person’s style is going to be completely alien and completely totally different to the other person’s. The idea that they both do things and both do it really well, which we did in the case of “Rising Sun”, and for me personally, “Falling” as well – that’s all mine. It’s fun to get to know other artists who are doing something different and fun as long as they’re doing something interesting.

When we were touring, we would find ourselves playing with really long songs (i.e. 2+2

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