Is painting easier than drawing? – Sparketh

It’s like drawing. If you can’t see a mistake, that is a mistake. If you don’t even try to paint, that is a mistake. There is an important difference in the quality of your effort. It is not the same thing. In drawing, everything seems to be perfectly fine. For painting, when you know that something is wrong, there is a big danger that you will not get it finished. In painting, it is the same thing. You may not even learn that something is wrong until you look at it a second time and you can see it.

The trick is to learn that something is wrong.

I don’t know what you’re doing but I think that you are doing a superb job!!

I do know what I am doing, which is to draw in my own little way as fast as possible. I am quite lazy but I cannot tell whether it is laziness or a special talent or because my eyes are in a good state of the art. It is very hard to say.

I saw that your painting of a couple of young children playing and holding a ball went well. Can you tell me about the children (the subject of the picture)?

A couple of kids are playing on a field with a very interesting idea in their minds. They have very simple faces that are full of smiles as if they are full of joy. Then they come a little closer and the father suddenly notices that each child is holding a ball and they have their arms out for the ball. Then he realizes that he has two children and he tells the mother to make another one for the third boy (the boy who is now playing with his brother). I painted the scene very quickly because the painting could be completed in twenty minutes because when the children were playing it was difficult to find time.

Why is it important to be aware of the difference between what is in your mind and what is perceived?

I am very sensitive to what is in my mind. When I see the picture, I know that the idea has a basis in reality. So for me, I try to be alert every time I paint. This is the reason why I have a good memory and that is why I am able to recall the right thing in ten seconds.

I hope I can give you an article that will help you understand the nature and meaning of the art of painting.

I think so. But if I could give you a more simple and clear idea, I

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