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This means people with autism and other disorders often have little interest in art that is abstract or complex.

Another issue in drawing, according to many educators, is that the brain has to be trained.

“A lot of these students need more practice getting up in the air [to draw], so they can actually sit in a spot and do the drawing,” said Lila Smith, an art consultant and autism advocate.

Many people with autism are so overwhelmed by other demands that they do not want to do the simple, hands-on kind of drawing.

According to experts who work with autistic people in the arts, more often than not, it is not the subject matter that inspires and motivates teachers, but the people who they are supposed to be connecting with and encouraging. “It’s the way the communication is with the kids,” said Ms. Smith. “They need someone who can connect to the world around them.”

Mr. Bowerman said that one of his hopes is for more parents to bring their children into the arts. Many of his students come from families without artistic gifts. And their parents say they are proud of their autistic children.

“You don’t ever really think about that,” Ms. Smith said. “It seems like such a huge part of society, and yet this is an individual disability that many of the parents aren’t particularly looking at.”

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