Is skillshare worth the money? – Mark Kistler’s Online Art Lessons

(Answer for the most part)

There are not a huge number of skills that are worth more than $50k and even then there isn’t a definitive answer. The most commonly used metric in the job market is the $10k/month/year salary. Some people who think $10k/month/year is great and that you should do some work when you’re ready get discouraged and say “I’m not good at that anymore” or “I’ll have to go back to school”.

I think there are many things that make a difference. Most of them don’t matter that much, but even so:

Do you have a proven track record (at least a year or two with your last job)? If so, that can help you raise your resume. If this isn’t the case, just raise more money.

Do you have a ton of experience that shows in your current job? If so, that can help you raise your resume. Again, don’t waste time on resumes you have no idea how to use. You’ll be happier to raise money for the stuff you have a solid chance to use.

Is an active social network out of your reach? If so, you can always raise money for more skills: If you are an expert communicator, write a blog post, present at a meet up that has enough people to get your name in the headlines or publish an article to your account that has enough fans or followers to get a raise. If this wasnt out of reach the past few summers at a job I had, I would be doing that today (and maybe even going back).

What advice do you have to people that look to raise money at companies that have already raised hundreds or thousands of dollars or close to it but haven’t made it big yet?

Raising money is extremely hard. You literally have no control over the direction the company goes or the projects you make to pay attention to. You have zero control over what people would pay for the product or service. You can always hope that things turn out differently than what you’re hoping for. As a matter of fact, I would be pretty surprised if things go more or less as you’d like. Some of them are better off taking less money than they might have otherwise. You can always always try to work with a more reliable person or organization that will help you out with the work you want. That way you can at a minimum raise some cash now and do whatever

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