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Thanks,” one user wrote under the headline “I just can not help but wonder if udemy is safe?”

In a statement sent out to Daily Dot readers on November 28, the service provided users with a list of some of the “Top 10 places (not necessarily safe)” they were “probably targeted by terrorists”.

However, the list of “Top 10 sites we do not recommend visiting, or that some of the sites for which we may not recommend visiting may do something to make you less safe” did not include the Daily Dot.

Following The Daily Dot’s report, the National Security Agency (NSA) provided comment and denied that the agency “would use a ‘discovery of the wrong news site’ tactic to target us” with “offensive intelligence operations” related to the Daily Dot.

However, a redacted version of the NSA response was submitted to the Washington Post on November 30. The document, which was first obtained by The Intercept but also previously obtained by The Huffington Post, includes a statement on the agency’s actions which specifically rejects the Daily Dot’s assertions.

“The NSA’s collection of foreign intelligence is conducted in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies governing such activities, as well as the U.S. Constitution itself,” the agency said in a statement.

“No NSA program engages in mass, deliberate, deliberate, pre-dissemination surveillance of U.S. persons or entities outside the United States, and NSA routinely refrains from engaging in these activities for that very reason.”

However, The Daily Dot’s report found that the NSA’s internal documents on its collection and sharing of intelligence regarding targeted foreign citizens include one document called the “Targeting Strategy for the National Infrastructure for US Government Civilian Use,” which was first reported on by The Intercept. The document provides intelligence on an unnamed target (which may or may not include The Daily Dot) for the NSA, which makes clear that “the NSA is also authorized to provide this information to U.S. media and other interested parties.” This is the first time that the NSA has publicly acknowledged targeting The Daily Dot.

Despite the NSA’s denial of any spying, the Intercept reported that, “despite the NSA’s statement, its employees had been sharing this policy document with at least five reporters in recent months.” In fact, The Daily Dot’s reporting was the first of its kind to report on the NSA’s targeting of the news organization.

The article, “Top 10 sites we do

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