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Do u know what ure talking about? [17:36:01] I do [17:36:02] I know what ure talking about [17:36:11] but it’s a private course 😛 [17:36:12] and the teachers are all people you know [17:36:14] well if u think she can help u, u should go on a sperg out of th e whole world [17:36:16] then she can explain everything [17:36:20] I like that idea. [17:36:23] and also [17:36:26] I had the teachers send in a petition, but they kept it confidential [17:36:46] but now, it looks like they had to do a survey [17:36:58] yup [17:37:01] And the teacher sent them in to the teacher who had asked them. [17:37:22] I do not know the rest of them. [17:37:30] So if any of them are still online, i’ll message u [17:37:50] Or if they’re still there and I don’t know them [17:38:00] If they’re still there, just send urself the survey. [17:38:15] ok, thanks [17:38:29] I’ll keep that in mind, it’ll save on typing too much [17:38:33] and in the future don’t mess around with people on here with the name of a character they can’t draw [17:38:38] Yes. [17:39:04] I will wait the survey then. [17:39:10] It’s a private course. Not anyone that u know. [17:39:11] well i guess that
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