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Some draw in a simple, free way. Others do it so you can create a portfolio.

When it comes to apps, a drawing app makes the most sense for a variety of reasons. And that’s the reason I think we need apps, so we can create our free portfolios online. With those, we can get something to show our work off to the world, or to look at as a work of art from home.

That said, a lot of people say drawing apps need to have a certain level of sophistication. And in some cases they’re right. For example, I think they tend to be more complex than free drawing apps, which are good for getting a simple idea or a portrait or a sketchy idea and a sketch.

But I think with apps, you’re taking a piece of technology and really putting all the features on it, like being able to move objects. You’re able to rotate it. You’re able to have a background blur.

You’re able to have a drawing mode with three modes: sketch, color, and texture. You can even have a camera mode with an HDR effect and do everything from the perspective of the real world. And that makes the experience more like the experience we usually have with painting versus photography. It kind of brings the art experience that we know.

To me it’s like watching someone take a still photograph of themselves, or a sunset, or a sunrise, and then make it something they can add to your drawing. Because it’s a very real experience. Now that they can be used to draw things, they can also turn those pictures into something of value.

So, it really depends on the app – which is to say there are a variety of apps that do what they’re meant to do. They’re very simple. They don’t have any options to interact with the user experience – it’s really all about the drawing. If you do that well, it’s a really solid experience. It creates something that’s more than a piece of paper, and something that’s more than some sort of digital painting.

What are some good free, open source drawing apps?
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There’s an app out there called Sketchfab. It’s a great new app. It actually does all the same things that other drawing app do, but it’s a completely different animal. You can draw any object or a whole room, or you can use it in your art classroom and have your students draw things in real time

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