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In case you haven’t noticed, there is a growing trend of American universities, and other, Western societies, making big money by hosting events in China.

In January, a series of events at the University of Michigan, including a “Chinese-American Heritage Weekend” and a Chinese-American Day, generated a lot of media coverage.

Here’s how the University of Michigan described the events:

“This multi-campus, all-day event brings together more than 100 Chinese-American students, alumni, faculty and alumni of the four schools over the course of two days. More than 50 speakers, including top academics from all four schools – University of Michigan, UM-Ann Arbor, UM-Dearborn and UM-St. Louis – will discuss contemporary developments in China. A live band on the Michigan State/St. Louis campus will perform at the program.”

This “Chinese-American Heritage Weekend” will be held in Ann Arbor (November 7 through 12), and it will feature:

– Chinese music performances (including “a concert from the U of M Chinese Cultural Center featuring traditional Chinese music” and an “acrostic of the iconic image of the Chinese Dragon Flag.”

– Chinese language workshops.

– Chinese dance classes.

– Chinese-language discussions.

– Chinese language and cultural film screenings.
Portrait Drawing and Painting in Pastel, Watercolor and Ink — Art ...

– Chinese dance performances.

– Chinese opera performances.

– Chinese-language dance competitions.

– Chinese opera competitions.

– Chinese-language reading groups (including “a weekly poetry reading” and a weekly Chinese language group).

It will be held at Ann Arbor’s Macaroni Park from 7:00-11:00 a.m.

The $2,900 in ticket prices represents 10 times what U of M students