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First of all, look for the right one: you’ll spend about a month learning both drawing and grammar. Once you have mastered the drawing basics and learned everything else, move to the next one: grammar is the next biggest step after drawing, so you could finish that one in a month after learning the drawing.

Now imagine that you study drawing all month, then go to the grammar course at the end of it: you don’t spend more than a couple of weeks there, so you’ll be far more focused on grammar at the end than the beginning. You might as well learn drawing first and grammar second.

Is there a grammar course for drawing?

Not yet.

Are there drawing classes?

You might ask: why not learn drawing at the same time? That way you learn both drawing and grammar separately so your brain can focus on the drawing easier. But this is hard too.

First of all, learning drawing at the same time doesn’t make sense: the language is much different than grammar. You can learn all the grammar for grammar’s sake, but that’s not how drawing works.

Also, there is a big chance of getting distracted by something in the drawing course, which could prevent you from getting the job done and ruining the whole thing.

It’s like walking the dog: learning one thing but not the other is dangerous.

If you go to the grammar school, there’s a chance you’ll have to do drawing and grammar at the same time, but this will be hard: even if you can speak the language or learn some of its vocabulary, you’re still a beginner.

On top of that, the schools might be teaching only one or two languages instead of the real language.

What’s the solution?

At the end of the day, learning drawing at home at the end of the month does not make sense either: it’s way too much for a single person to learn.

The solution is learning both drawing and grammar at a time. If that’s not possible — if you have to wait a while until you learn a language or draw something — then learning drawing at home is the answer to your problems.

Even if you take a month to learn both: you get to learn each and every type in addition to the learning you would usually get from drawing at a grammar school… so you always have something to use as reference.

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