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In this step by step tutorial we will go through all the questions that you will have when learning how to draw. Each day of this tutorial will focus on one of the drawing questions. This tutorial starts the real learning fun!

Step 1: What is a drawing question?

When I am teaching online classes I make sure we start off by asking students what they want to learn the most. So in this case we want to see what drawing is all about. Many students will ask me to explain what a drawing question is and I will give you a brief explanation of what we are looking for in the question so you know what you’re going to be getting into.

Step 2: Get Started Drawing in Less Than 30 Minutes

This step will make sure you understand what you need learn today and get you ready for day 2 when you will actually start drawing. It will also help you build a practice routine that you can use to quickly get your skills up and running so you can actually be drawing in less time!

Note: This tutorial is not designed to give you a definitive answer as to how to start drawing online. There are many factors that you must consider when starting to draw and I will not go through all of them here. So please do use this tutorial with care!

Step 3: Create a Practice Drawing

This is one of the last steps as you will actually start drawing real people! You will take notes on your draw and then start practicing in the mirror. Thats right! You will start practicing the drawing itself! It really does take a little bit of time to get your skill going but once you know what are the basics it makes it much easier to learn and do at will when you need.

Step 4: Learn How to Draw Real People!

When you are done with step 1 you can finally start practicing your drawing skills. You have now created your practice drawing, and will be able to sketch real people and make drawings at will. It is really time to get started drawing. Use your draw sheet and your drawing pen to practice drawing!

Step 5: Practice Drawing Real People!

Step 6: Learn How to Draw Real People!

Now that you have gotten to step 4 you will learn how to draw real people! You are now ready to start practicing online!

Day #1 – Understanding What To Draw Before Creating Your First Drawing

Step 1: Find Your Purpose

This is where I always start to give

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