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We offer free online drawing classes! With our new “Learn Drawing” course you’ll learn easy to learn drawing techniques as well as the fundamentals of the drawing process. At the end of the course you will be able to draw 3D shapes and patterns. The new “Drawing with your camera” course features a photo gallery, a few video tutorials which walk you through the process of using your camera and then some very useful techniques on how to use your favorite digital camera to draw in 3D! If you’ve ever tried to draw something to put onto paper, this is a great starting point because it won’t take you long to know the basic features of both. You will also have full access to our entire database of lessons, making it an easy way to pick up where you left off during lessons. You will get to see how the other classes are set up, you will have the freedom to choose the classes you want and then you can choose what you want to work on next!

How to Make a Colour Wheel in Watercolour - Online Art Lessons
What do I need to get started with drawing? For this course, the materials shown may be available here at, this website’s main teaching centre has all of our teaching materials listed for you and will automatically get you started. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the catalogue then ask your teacher for it as we make sure all the materials are linked to the right classes. With our course you will learn about: You will learn the basics of 3D drawing

Basic shape drawing

Using both white and black and white drawing pens (with various tips)

Basic drawing techniques

Filling the body and the legs

What other things I need to know? This course is also designed for people who are new to drawing or want to get into the process of drawing. There are also plenty of resources available in our online library (available as .pdfs), including a great tutorial on using our digital photo editing program called Photoshop. You would also do well to take a look around the website also, or simply visit:

Where do you offer different programs? Our online drawing classes are available with as much or as little training as you or your teacher can provide. Our online courses offer everything to the drawing beginner, from the basics to intermediate levels! The classes are presented by our teacher, Tony. Check out his course pages for more information on his training system – it is extensive and allows you to build

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