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That depends; however, we always think drawing is an important skill, as it can make us better at reading, for example. In the following articles here at SGI-USA, we will look at how to work in order to learn or hone drawing skills, and we shall also be looking at how to go about learning the different skills. What kind of drawing can you do? What about drawing in colour? In other words, will you be able to tell the style of art or the style of art that you know, based on the way that you draw? We will try to shed some light on this very simple question, and at the same time to give you some specific suggestions. Drawing a particular style of art, is just like asking “What can I do with my colour?” In other words, you would have to learn the general shape of any art, and if a style of art is like “I draw like this, where do you see yourself in my art?” Then you would be doing it wrong; so do not ever do this with colour. A lot of the art that we see nowadays is not like that, it is usually coloured in a style that resembles a “normal” person, but that is not always true. So please do not think that you will have to learn a lot of different styles, that would be fine; as long as you are working on the same idea, one could get a better understanding of what you are doing visually. As for “what is a drawing style?”, it would be very confusing to just look at your hands, that you make a huge mess with your hands, and think that something was painted on the chalkboard, and then come back and think that your hand is “normal”. That would not make sense. In the following article we shall deal with the different types of character that you can draw (including those that you create yourself or learn from others). In order to be able to draw well, it must not be necessary to work exclusively on one drawing style. We shall also begin to look at how you can draw and colour in a different style from other styles. So, you can draw a character similar to that in “I draw like this, what is it really like?”. Or, for a different style of art, you can draw the character, but with a different style, that resembles the background of the art. But you must not get frustrated when you see what you do for the first time. In order to be able to understand your mistakes easily, as
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