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The one that’s quickest (shortest time to complete one Certification program) is the National Guard Academy Board, which is available within a few weeks, the Military Training Service (MTS), within a few months, and the State Department Board of Education, about 1 year. When doing Military Qualification, the same certification is required to be complete within 4 or more years.

What if I don’t pass the Military Qualification?

Unfortunately, you can’t always get it all – but the goal is to master a single area, such as an Individual Physical Training (IPT), Leadership (LVL), Physical Conditioning (PC), Intelligence (INT), Leadership (LVL) and Operations (OXO). Most of the certification programs, even if they have multiple subjects, require you to pass the same certification.

What if I only want a course to get good at?

We can’t have something to do forever. So what’s a smart person to do? Go to a certification class, or use a course from a specific person that teaches you something that you need/want. It’s worth it – all those certs mean you pass more easily with your career.

What’s wrong with Certifications?

Certifications are hard (really hard) to get. We understand that some people aren’t interested in a certification, and they can’t afford them.

But if you are truly interested in them, the benefits are tremendous. You pass more easily with them, are considered to be better qualified to lead, you get your hands on products that make it easier as a leader, and they can help you improve and get a better job.

What’s the deal with the military getting rid of their military qualification exams?

The military has their own series of exams. The “Army National Guard Exam” is the equivalent of the Military Qualification (PMBOK), and “Defense Intelligence Agency Military Qualification” is equivalent to the Military Officer Education Qualification Test (MOEQ).

The military had exams when they first started out, but when they started putting more of them into exams, the certification numbers declined and they stopped sending out exams.

However, the Army and the Defense Intelligence Agency are moving forward with issuing military qualifications in 2017. The reason is that when you earn a certificate, you are earning a military qualification. The military has exams, but we believe that the civilian educational system has better education, and better qualifications.

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