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1.) A very good eye, because it tells us when something is beautiful and what kind of light it’s supposed to be.

2.) A good eye for movement in 3D, because if you can get the light on the floor right where you want it then it will actually look better in 3D.

– The ability to paint in multiple colours, as you have more time to spend on those.

3.) A good way of taking inspiration and putting it on paper (you have to pay attention to what is there on paper to make it the best you can).

4.) A willingness to experiment, and a good eye for how things look.

5.) The ability to think outside the box, especially when you have different styles from one thing to another.

6.) A good eye for how things look like when you paint with different materials, paint surfaces, paint on wet or dry, and wet and dry.

7.) An interest in 3D art from the very start – this requires you to be willing to experiment and experiment with ideas you might’ve never tried before.

8.) You have to have a good head for painting 3D, and a good eye for how you paint.

9.) A solid understanding of painting fundamentals, which in turn means you are able to apply what you know and then come up with a great result.

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What’s one thing any aspiring artist wishes they could be better at, right now?

Right now you can’t learn all these things by yourself, and you have to find a teacher or someone to show you how to do it. So right now you want to improve on your paint skills, make an effort to learn what you like and don’t like, get your own materials, and make sure you have a good teacher to show you when you’re painting with your own style.

What’s one question you cannot answer correctly in this interview?

One thing you can’t really answer correctly in this interview is the way that paint looks. In the past, artists and hobbyists have asked me how paint should look and I always responded my own way – I believe it gives you the best results. I’m happy to give you the other way now, because at the end of the day I do get to do what I love. So you don’t always agree with me and so in my opinion you can’t really answer my question as perfectly as you could. That’s something I think

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