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• • • • • How do you handle pressure? If you do a lot of pressure, it is important that you learn how to handle it better. If you paint with your fingers it is very easy, but there is still a lot of art to be created using the palette. You should never do a painting that you can’t paint perfectly, no matter how much you try. The best technique for your painting is a technique that shows a feeling of the situation at the moment.

What techniques will you learn and use to make your painting more lively?

• • • • How do you feel about the current state of the art in the world? •

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When thinking about the current art in the world how do you feel about it? I’m not really one of those who believes that everything is the best or that everything is the best that could be, but I am always looking for a new perspective for the piece, different from the one that we are used to. I think that if someone like me was to make an art piece today without knowing what he was doing, even if it might be the best art and the latest, I would feel that it would be a very unoriginal masterpiece, so I wouldn’t put it in the museum. I really believe this, but I also believe that it’s not that important. Because if we make a piece for a museum, there is a certain standard that a museum sets for that piece, and if you are doing them in a strange, new way it may end up with the same, similar impression that the museum expects from a painting that has been made for a very long time. But I really believe that a new approach to painting should not mean that it’s better than the existing one, a new approach. It should always keep it’s own identity, and that should never come against another piece if they are the same. For that reason I am constantly using new and creative techniques. This means that I can do a lot of different things, different colors, a lot of different things, if I want.

If you’re painting a historical painting do you get an emotional response from people? Are they emotionally connected to you?

• • • • Do you have friends who buy your paintings? Is there a person who buys your paintings? Do you have a painting with a lot of people who are happy about it? Or maybe they don’t buy them because you paint a different piece or because they think that you are too dark.

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