Can you erase graphite pencil? – Drawing Techniques For Kids

YES! Simply follow the steps below before beginning, and if possible do not use a pencil and paper.

Turn the graphite-coated pencil upside down and remove the cap.

Use a sharp (or very sharp) pencil to draw a circle and a line from the pencil cap to the graphite tip.

Carefully remove the cap and clean off the pencils.

The first round of graphite ink may be red, brown, yellow, orange, or green in color, depending on your chemistry.

Some graphite pencils are sold as a clear blue ink. Clear ink cannot be removed. Clear ink can be removed from some types of graphite pencils. For example the pencils sold as Black Pearl, White Pearl, etc. Clear ink can also be removed on graphite pencils that are coated with graphite. This is not easy. See this link for a link to an instructional page.

The rest of this step will show you how you can remove the “mark/tagger” from your graphite pencil.

From Wowpedia

A player may only use one copy of an item. An item may also be copied by a friend/acquaintance.

If an item is lost, its copy may be lost, as well.


“M’aiq the Spiritbinder of the Ebon Blade”.

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