How do I create my own drawing style? – Drawing Pictures

Here are some guidelines:
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Try to use a monochrome color palette or a combination of colors

Keep the lines simple

Use shapes, such as boxes or rectangles instead of text

Be specific, such as “a circle and a dotted line” instead of simply “a line.”

For example, when using lettering, try to keep your line drawings clean, and avoid using the same color palette, but use one specific color in your “lettering” style.

Use “lettering-and-arrows” rather than “lettering”

If a picture really needs 3 separate shapes, then go for the arrow (or “arrow-and-shape”) instead. It’s just faster to type “arrow-and-shape” rather than “lettering” since you have 3 separate shapes per line. You can’t have both at once.

Try to avoid sharp corners

You should always follow the form of the picture. If there’s a sharp corner of a block, use a different technique, especially if the shape requires more time.

For example, if you’re drawing a round or rectangular block, go with a small rectangle, like the corner of an A or U. When drawing an area with multiple lines, such as a flower, go with a more curved shape, like a triangle.

Use a more geometric form

Instead of having a series of shapes you can use triangles or squares as a base. For example, the “diamond” form of the “C”, instead of a square, just makes a triangle. Use a “diamond” shape (such as a cube) instead of a “c”, and so on.

Add some contrast by using different colored backgrounds. For example, paint a single background color and then add some of your own original colored borders to contrast with the background.

Use a simple style, like this one

This is really simple. If you’re drawing a rectangle or circle, just draw a simple outline of the shape for simplicity. For example, if you’re drawing the moon or “sun”, use a simple, two-dimensional square (a rectangle with a top and bottom and a side). It’s just that simple. And if it’s the name of someone, just leave it vague (i.e. “moon” can be rendered “moon”) for simplicity.

Keep it simple so your eyes are never distracted

Make sure to keep

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