How do I create my own drawing style? – Easy Colored Pencil Drawings Of Stitch Step

There are several ways to do so. The most common way is to go through a sequence of drawing instructions. For example, I’d like to draw this example:

1. Use black in the main subject area.

2. Draw a long rectangle on the drawing.

3. Draw a small rectangle in the background, on the left.

4. Make small circles around the black circles.

5. Draw large triangles, triangles that are a good deal larger than the circles they surround.

6. Make two longer, thinner shapes.

7. Draw a couple of smaller shapes, each larger than the one before;

9. Make a small box around the square.

10. Draw a couple of smaller shapes, each smaller than the one before.

And so on. You’ll find a few other techniques and ideas in my tutorial “How to Draw,” available here:

Do the circles and triangles at the sides and bottom of this drawing differ from each other? They don’t. They’re all basically the same shape.

Is each of these circles and triangles in front of the square a different shape? Nope. They’re all just rectangles.

Can I have two different ways to do the same thing, and are they interchangeable? No. It’s a problem of continuity. You don’t get to separate the parts and draw them differently in different places.

There are two aspects of continuity to your drawing style: shape (and color) as well as color. The way things look different in different places on your design doesn’t make it look different at another place, or it’s different at a different location.

How do you combine this style with others? Here’s another example from “How to Draw,” available here:

1. Draw a long rectangle on the drawing.

2. Draw a small rectangle in the background.
Easy way to draw a girl with hat - step by step || Pencil ...

3. Draw two long, thin shapes over a large rectangle in the background.

4. Make a single long triangle.

5. Draw a small triangle in the background, on the right side of the rectangle.

6. Make a smaller triangular shape from two of the shorter lines.

7. Make

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