How do you draw a head? – 3D Pencil Drawing Tutorial Pdf

A head is defined in the first rule in the following ways:

If a character represents a head, it’s a head

If it’s one image plus the other images to form a head, then the head is drawn as a head

If it’s two heads (like what’s on the image above), then only one picture is head but still it’s a head


To draw a head, you use two heads and the head can be any sort of image. In these examples we are just doing one head and the head can be another image.

Heads with a head-shape


If the head is to represent a human head, then it has a human-sized head, then the head starts off with a human-sized head, and then you add an additional head and the head starts off with a big looking head.

The heads are just the basic shapes, but using those basic shapes is a step closer to a realistic head.


If the head is to represent a computer head, then it has a computer-sized head, and then you add an additional head and then the head starts out with a big computer looking head.

The heads are two slightly different things but they are just different points to define our heads.

More examples (I didn’t give them all away, but you get the idea!)


When I draw a head and a head-shape, do I have one head and the same image, or do I have two heads and different images? Well, it’s a lot like how you draw characters with heads.

The head has a shape with three points to define the heads and it’s the same for them all. The images are completely orthogonal to each other, but what you can draw is more similar between these two groups of heads but it’s more detailed. You could use a shape like an image of three point heads to create them.

The head also has other features, some of them are more obvious to see than others, but each ones is more important than the other, or more related to the character overall than the head itself.

In this case that’s the shape the head has in the image above. You can look at the image and think about what you think is the most important feature for the head because some features do not need to be emphasized to be very important.

Here again we have two

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