How do you draw a head? – Pencil Art

For our purposes, we have to think about two heads at the same time. First we have the head being drawn – the “face” we are referring to – and finally, the face being drawn by the hand, the mouth or nose. So, if we put on a wig, we are not really really “looking” at a face. That’s a different matter. The eye and the mouth can look the same, the nose can look the same but not the “face”.

How do we draw a mouth? I remember drawing the mouth of our girl friend, Lola, once, so I knew the basics of mouth drawing. Then I decided to draw Lola’s mouth the same day as her body, as to not confuse my readers (I’ve written about body drawing, but don’t bother to go through this part). I drew out a mouth first, looking for the best angle to place it on a table or shelf, before I moved on to the other parts of the mouth.

I drew out the front lip, then worked on drawing the shape of mouth as the mouth moves from one place to another, to form the shape of the head. The way I drew the lip made the mouth look more rounded and angular. This is a common problem: “the mouth looks like it’s floating across the surface of the drawing”, as Lola puts it in “Lola” – another illustration.
Color Pencil Portraits - How to Draw the Nose

I don’t draw the mouth often, but one thing I do, even when I’m drawing Lola, is draw out the mouth in reverse. To draw the lips “up” or “down” I pull my left hand up and then my hand starts back down from that point. When I do this, the mouth will look higher in the centre. Another way I’ve learnt is that I will draw the lips at a certain angle to the other part of the drawing, so that it looks flat and level. When drawing my own mouth, I find this very useful – although it’s somewhat annoying when looking at the book.

How do I draw nose?

The nose is not so important. The only thing you will need to do when drawing the nose is to draw the upper eyelids – which I describe in detail here. It’s quite hard to do this. Some students will actually look at the upper lid, and they think the nose looks crooked.

How do you draw the lips?

Now that we have looked at both eyes as well as

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