How do you draw an eye pencil? – Colored Pencil Drawing Ideas

How do you do a pencil sketch? How do you make a mustache? How do you draw a nose? What’s your technique? Why can’t you just draw? What is your approach to drawing? Why is it so simple?

When someone tells me that the practice of drawing can be practiced so easily I can simply move to a blank canvas, start drawing and say “OK”, they are either lying to me or very stupid. I just started to play with my drawings this morning and I got so bored I decided to take some photos.

When someone says to me “I’m going to draw something”. I will look at the drawing without much thinking and then move to a blank canvas, start drawing and say “OK”. I always start with a blank canvas. When I am asked to draw something I will just draw the idea. This is just how I do it. I don’t think much about the process of drawing at all. I start thinking so much about drawing that it feels like I don’t need to. I know what I am going to do when I start to draw.

You can’t practice drawing very well without practice. How many times this happened to me? Probably several times. I started practicing with a blank canvas and then I changed to a sketch pad or pencil sketch pad. You could be in a hurry and you wouldn’t have got the work done, so you had to change. I remember one time you said to me “Can you teach me the drawing without drawing the first drawing? I know that I have to draw a few things and then draw them again and again. Can you help me?” I replied “Of course.” I went to my sketch pad and started drawing.

Another one was “Why does it look so easy when you draw a square?”. My head exploded because I had no idea of what you meant.

After some time I realised I hadn’t understood what you meant. I got back to doing my drawing and it was easy. Of course it didn’t feel that easy.

So to get in great detail why does it feel like I don’t need to draw I must go back and add in the time I spent going from drawing the first drawing to trying to start drawing like that.

You said “Why is it so simple”. One can’t say it’s simple simply because the method seems simple but it is quite complex. To do this I think it is necessary to have a firm understanding of the mind, anatomy, anatomy of

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