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When I started, I was drawing characters and writing in color. I made some changes, and the pencil came to life—a lot—and it’s evolved to a lot more than just the pencil, even the ink.

Now it is a digital medium, so the colors look very crisp. The line up, and the detail, is very similar. Some of the lines have a little bit of a different feel to them, a more natural feel. It’s much smoother. It’s like watching a pencil artist work.

How do you know you’re on it right?

It’s a very interesting process, I will admit. Sometimes you’re drawing the same idea with one eye and then looking at the other, and then the next thing is drawing something and drawing it with the other eye, and the next thing is drawing it with the same eye and then looking at it with your other eye. I’m a little bit of a train wreck about that sort of stuff. I’ve probably gone through 30 different ideas a day.

What are the things which are important to your style?

I’ve got a really interesting palate: I like to work with color more than any other kind of medium. I’ve just developed a taste for it. I love the colors from a certain period.

I’ve always been a little more in the realm of abstraction, and I’m not really that interested in what colors look like on the page. I like to try to make the visual flow. I try and get as close as I can to what the artist is trying to achieve, so that’s what I’m interested in as well.

If you’re a person who is more into the kind of abstract stuff, you tend to have a softer, kind of art-y look. In that case, more in line with more mainstream comics—or maybe it just seems cooler, but I’ll tell you, it’s the same stuff.

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Landscape drawing by ~gorzkaczekoladka on deviantART ...
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