How do you protect a pencil drawing?

First, protect it! Make sure you check the pencil’s barrel or sharpener for sharp edges. I used to cut my pencil out with a razor blade, but it’s pretty sharp as you are probably wondering. If it’s your own pencil, you won’t have to worry about it being sharp; it’s pretty common to see people slicing up their pencils with a blade during the past few years as paper production has increased and the pencils were no longer being recycled.

Second, use a rubber or vinyl guard between the plastic base of the pencil and your work surface. This will give you the best protection from any sharp metal objects that could be used to strike it.

What does a professional look for in a pencil?

Not just that it can be written or drawn on, but that for a professional to use it, it has to be in great shape. A pencil that is not in good condition will not allow your work to look professional, so make sure you get your pencil professionally sharpened or your money back!

Can I use my notebook/ink pens or pencils for other projects as well?

Yes! You could also use your pencil as you would a computer-controlled ink pen, such as an Auto-Flow Ink Pencil. Just take note that a pencil and paintbrush will leave scratches and marks on any smooth, clean or clean-feeling surfaces, so keep that in mind!

I find that if there is a certain pencil that you just don’t want to use, the one that is the cheapest or the one that is not sharp, then you may want to go to another school. That’s because one of the most effective things that we can do is to train ourselves to use a pencil correctly!

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