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If you’ve been looking for a pen with enough flex to write with a wide variety of applications, we think it’s the best option. You’ll be able to use it with your favorite fountain pens and with regular writing paper. It’s great at writing with the point-and-shoot cameras and for drawing. You should also be able to use it to write a lot of emails — you might not realize what a huge waste of paper you’re putting in and you could probably do with more than three pages or so of writing.

An analysis by a University of Michigan law review published this week shows the U.S. economy was in much worse shape in May than in early 2014 and much worse than the global economy was in 2009.

The report, released in conjunction with the Center for Economic and Policy Research, shows the economy contracted by 3.1 percent in May from a year ago, compared to the U.S. economy expanding at an annual rate of 2.8 percent. And while the labor market is tightening in the wake of the financial crisis and slow recovery it has been since the financial crisis and is still not creating enough jobs for a growing economy to keep up with, it is still on pace to grow for the rest of this year. Moreover the report shows growth for economic activity will be slower than in the recent past — even as the Federal Reserve has set an interest rate at a record low and has announced that it plans to slow rates in the next few months, the study shows that the labor market is not adding enough jobs to fill new demand and as such the economy is unlikely to recover fully to the level it was at just before the financial crisis.

Even more troubling, the report reveals that the economic downturn is much deeper than the recovery had been expected even as the Federal Reserve and the administration had begun making the recovery move forward in March of last year. In April the Fed had expected economic to grow at a 0.6 percent annual rate from the first quarter to the end of the year. The study suggests that growth for the second quarter will be about 0.9 percent, which would indicate that about two-thirds of total expected economic growth had been reversed by the end of the first quarter and that economic growth would have been even lower than it already was just before the financial crisis hit.

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The study is just a snapshot of the state of the economy as it has been in 2014. But of course it does not mean we should stop trying. And it also does not mean that

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