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The truth is that the pencils are made of a fine, soft plastic, but when they come down they are very scratchy and are very hard to put away for many years.

What is the problem with these pencils?

I know it sounds horrible, but there have been many cases of people sending away their pencils, and then when their pens start to lose their color, they find that they can no longer write.

Is it the pencils’ fault? If yes, what should I do?

I know I would never want to replace my pencils (or any pen) but this problem has become so prevalent that it would be nice if I could save the person’s money and send them some good, inexpensive pens that are in good shape. If you need to replace your pencils and there is not money in the budget I highly recommend you try some of the fountain pen shops on my website for replacement pencils. If you are not on the market for a replacement and you cannot afford a professional shop, there are a myriad of online stores that ship to you for free. Be sure you are aware what you are buying before you buy as some shops sell pencils at a premium to make a quick profit. There are so many online stores that are completely out of stock that you may want to look into using the web to find a local source to order these items or even to buy some from eBay.

You are a professional writer, do you know how to do basic repairs?

Yes, some of the other professionals use small sponges, paper towels, or paper towels that they cut of the inside of the pencils. This may be okay if they don’t damage the metal but the quality of these tools will not be up to par when it comes to replacing parts, so be prepared to pay a little more than the sponges will do if the quality is poor. In a lot of cases it will be better to do the work yourself. If the tool is broken in one part you can repair the component but then you have to rebuild it to the parts that need it and that will put a lot more wear, tear and damage on the tool. Here are two links to some resources you may find helpful:

How to make a good replacement pencil for old pencils.

How to fix a broken, badly-sized pencil.

Are there enough replacement pencils for pens and other items?

Unfortunately, yes and no. It

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