What are different types of drawing styles?

There are different types of drawls:

Cursive style is using straight strokes for lines (like a pen or pencil).

is using straight strokes for lines (like a pen or pencil). Bicuspid style is using curved strokes.

is using curved strokes. Stylistic drawls are using letters, numbers and symbols for the lines.

How do you draw on your sketch paper?

How do you draw on a sketch paper?

The key thing to remember when drawing is that you cannot look away and draw a sketch as if you are holding your pencil. You must only look at the area that you want to do something with the pencil and when you look at the pencil you have to make sure that you are looking away from the drawing and not the ground or what you are trying to do.

If you look at the area before you begin to draw, then you will get a better feel of what you are doing and what will happen. It should be a blank canvas that you can paint on without looking at every point that they are drawing. It means you should be able to see the shapes and make a decision quickly.

You can use a paintbrush to paint the piece. Make sure that you are not using too much brush because if you have too much brush, it can mess up the drawing of this type of drawing.

If you do make a mistake, your goal is to get a sketch of what you wanted to show and how it should look like. It is much better to know you have a mistake than to wait for someone to point it out for you.

How do you finish in your sketch?

You must make sure that you look at each stroke as if it were a pencil on paper. It is impossible for you to do this while the drawing is moving.

Before you finish your drawing make sure that you check how the edges look. Then you are free to add the lines or add the colors.

Your drawing then can be looked at and compared. Then you can go back and see what you missed or change the lines.

Finally, you can just turn the piece around and see if you need to erase anything. Or if it looks pretty good, add some more lines or adjust the color.

What are the pros and cons of using drawings?

You will probably notice that drawing is easier when you are not trying to do something or when you know what you want to draw