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For this question I asked: What is the biggest challenge to writing with a pencil?

A lot of the answers would be about the price of the pencil or how difficult the task is.

But, as people in the trenches are quick to point out, your answer might tell you something about a specific type of pencil. Or about a particular problem you are seeing in your writing.

As you can tell by now, most of what you read and hear about writing with a pencil is about writing a lot. For example, in order to get a good point across in a way readers will remember, the first and most obvious tip is to “stay on task.”

So in order to stay on task, here is a list of three things you might be surprised to learn about writing.

Writing on a Surface

A pen is often a great aid when writing on a surface.

In fact, you can write on your knees.

But as you use a pen, you are using the pressure to move a piece of paper across your desk.

That creates the type of pressure in the paper that makes it easier to write. (And you can also write on your phone and be able to write on the phone.)

When you first get a pen for the job, be sure to keep you fingers close to the tip. That will keep the pen from moving too much.

In fact, as you write, the pen itself can take up some of the distance, so be mindful of what you do when you get the pen. Even if the paper is thin, keep the pen steady so the lines don’t get too tight.

Writing on Air

For an even better pen, be sure to also keep your mouth open and closed while you write.

This lets your writer’s flow follow you. It lets you do the same thing on paper as you would on air.

Also, be sure to open and close your tongue to make sure your writing stays smooth and clean.

Writing in a Bottle

The easiest way to write on anything is to stick your paper in a bottle.

I can’t speak from experience (I’m just a regular guy), but that is where I learned the most about the writing process when I worked at a university bookstore.

As I was working there, it was always busy, and I would come in to fill the hours.

After about a month or so, I

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