What are the drawing techniques? – Pen And Ink Rendering Definition

There are two types of drawing. The first type is to illustrate an object or surface in a specific way. It helps to know the general principles, which will help you to create the most impressive art. The second is more artistic, and you will have to experiment a bit until you achieve your dream style. The drawing of an object needs to be detailed, and should reflect the subject. You can use pencils, pastel ink, or digital medium (pixels). You might be interested in the following drawing techniques:

Use a pencil to make lines and curves.

Draw a circle using a pen tip, so that you can trace the path you want to draw.

If you are more familiar with digital drawing, there are some methods to prepare your pixel by drawing a bit with a mouse.

Create a square.

Draw a circle on a ruler of the same size as your background. Using a digital pen, do a drawing line. Once you’re done, draw a circle around it. Cut a rectangle for the background. Use a bit of paper, tape, crayons, markers, or just your pencil.

To make a circle, add more lines and draw more curves on your piece of paper. Make more circles on your paper.

To draw a round, draw an X and a circle around it. To stop the image in one side, add another X and draw more circle. To end the scene, draw a triangle, circle, and X.

Use markers to place your dots. To draw a dot, draw a dot with lines, create a circle around your dot, and put another dot on the back of your original dot.

Once you achieve your aim, you’re now ready to apply your techniques to others. Here are some links, which will help you on your journey.

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