What are the five basic skills of drawing?

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Learn the 5 basics of drawing (and how to use them in every situation) with the free online book “Art of Drawing, a Comprehensive Study to Improve Your Practice of the Basics”. This one page ebook includes:

A thorough summary of “The 5 Basic Drawings” that is illustrated and explained using the principles of each drawing (examples and the full text can be found with a quick web search).

How to draw with an eye toward accuracy with both eyes and lips in the same drawing

The 5 basic body/head features of a drawing (the eyes, the mouth, the brow, the face, and the head)

how to sketch from the feet

the 5 basic facial features of a drawing (the eyes, mouth, the cheeks, the mouth, and the eyebrows)

how to sketch from the body with the head in the same frame

and much more (and tons more)

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This one page ebook is a great introduction to drawing from the feet, and it shows you how to draw both straight and curved foot and ankle lines. It is a great way to learn to sketch from the feet without having to take a photo. Click here to purchase the ebook, or visit Amazon for other options.

Learn to draw from the knees (especially the hips, knees, buttocks, toes, head, tail, ears, and feet) using the basic principles of drawing from the feet. This book includes:

A complete definition of the core drawing poses (from the feet, legs, and ankles)

The 5 basic poses/styles of leg, knee, ankle and toe drawing

the 6 basic foot positions

the core body (the knees, ankles, elbows, spine, back, and head)

and more (and tons more)

This download is part of the “Art