What are the five basic skills of drawing? – Colored Pencil Drawing Ideas For Beginners

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Drawing is about creating a visual representation of the object from a starting point. This represents the form of the object in the mind and, in turn, expresses how the object is being perceived by the mind.

Creating a visual representation of the object from a start point is done firstly, with pen and paper. Then the drawing tool of your choice is used to produce the illusion of a visual form, without the aid of a real object. This is called ‘mixed media’ where the paper or a camera is used to produce multiple visual representations.

In a similar way, the technique of 3D drawing is also a combination of two other techniques: sketching and scanning. The drawing is made using a scanner, which extracts layers of details from a photo, such as the skin, hair and clothing. The resulting 3D model is then imported into Maya for 3D rendering.

Sketch, on the other hand, works by sketching or tracing out the object, and then re-creating it out of thin air by placing pieces of paper on top of it without an eye on how it looks anymore. This is done with pencil and paper.

So if you have trouble using the above, do not be afraid to explore these other techniques. If it still feels overwhelming, try to break down these ‘five skills’ into easier to understand and easily understood steps. Here they are …

1. Lineage

This is really a matter of drawing. This is about establishing a relationship between your mind and the object you are creating. You can draw a tree, or any sort of design, as any good designer would. It is really about ‘making’ a connection between your mind and the object. This is about making a drawing of your mind – not a direct impression of it. In fact, try to do this in your mind and then find objects – trees, buildings, birds, rocks, etc… – and draw a few lines with pencil and paper to make things a bit more intuitive for you.

2. Detail

This one takes something of a leap. It is about how much detail you can place in your design. You can draw a very small detail, but if it is difficult to do something more precise after drawing the first small one, that is definitely a tip worth adding …

3. Size/Form

This one is a hard one to pin down. It is a matter of personal preference. But in general, drawing a

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