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You can paint an entire scene, or take one individual part from the scene to depict a sketch. For example, to depict a person with a red bow tie on the back, take a person’s top hat, bow tie, and outfit and trace it onto the sketch.

How do I create an art board? For drawing with an art board, you will need some tools: a pencil, ruler, markers (e.g. colored ones), a ruler, tracing paper (one that uses permanent ink, not with a permanent marker or marker pen), and a paper to draw on.

What are the materials needed to do art work? To create an art board, you will need some tools: one or two white paint brushes; a tracing marker or marker pen, such as the red marker shown in Photo 1, or a small dot-pen (photo 2, to the right); two or three sheets of white paper, each about 8 or 10 inches long, with a white backing (as shown to the left); pencils (photo 3, to the left); a ruler; a pencil sharpener and/or ruler. An airbrush and/or paintbrush. Can I paint using an airbrush and/or airbrush sharpener? Yes you can, although these tools will allow you to do a much more detailed job than if you are simply painting with a brush and a marker. As long as you are careful not to overexpose the photo, these tools will give you the ability to paint accurately and quickly. If you don’t have the proper tools, it can be very difficult to create any kind of art. Can I trace a drawing into a page of an electronic book/magazine with an art card and other tools? Yes you can.

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Can I use pencils to take pictures? Yes, you can. All you must do is trace the image onto the drawing.

How can I use markers or markers pens? Do not use marker pens, unless you have a marker-pen sharpener and/or converter, or a permanent marker. You could also use a marker, pencil, pencil sharpener, and/or marker pen.

How can I use a marker pen? Use a permanent marker. Some examples of permanent markers: black marker, red marker, or white marker.

How can I use a permanent marker pen? You need a pen sharpener. Make sure the sharpener is clean and that you are able to use it with a standard-length

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