What are the types of sketching? – Pencil Drawing Definition

The purpose of a sketching session is to allow us to create a more personalized representation of your design and make it a reality. When you’re sketching, take your time and try to capture what you like most about your design, what makes you happy about it, the problem you believe this could solve, and how it can be made better.

For example, suppose we have this diagram:

Note the use of arrows and circles (we’re using them for reference); there’s more detail, but I’ll explain below.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on here. So first thing you need to do is to pick out the arrows so you can understand the overall layout. In this case, I’m drawing this diagram for a logo, but you could think of it as a sketch or a paper prototype or in any other way for that matter. After finding the arrows, I think it would be best to draw the circle in a similar form. It is the most important element of your design. I like to describe the layout of this circle as follows:

It starts at the top, goes down and around and then up. It is a straight line. If I were to draw this as a photo (as I like drawing with) or a graph paper (this works too), the arrow would have more of a shape instead of a straight line. This is because a straight line is a bit messy when drawn in a photo or graph paper. Because of this, I think that using more circle shapes and triangles instead of a straight line is better for creating a clean and legible shape for your design.

After you’ve found your arrows, we want to make sure they align with the rest of your design. To do this, I like to draw the triangle in the most natural place and stick it wherever I want.

Note that if you’re drawing this in Photoshop, the shapes don’t need to be the exact shape we wanted, we can pick any shapes we want. It can be any circle shape, triangle shape, or whatever shape is the most natural for your design.

Your task to draw for reference is to make a mental note of where the arrows should be aligned with other parts of your design so you can draw better drawings when you re-visit your sketch.

After we find the triangle we want to get rid of and stick it (or a bigger version if you prefer), we’re ready to sketch.

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