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This comic is dedicated to those folks, who’ve never been told they could, do… anything.

The art for you.

It’s not too late to change your address, but it’s still not too early to make a change.

The California Real Estate Commission has posted a reminder on its website that residents should update their addresses on all residential property. While California law does specifically forbid the transfer of an existing address, the commission states that it’s unlikely that a renter or prospective renter would be aware if such a change occurred.

The reminder states that the real estate commission doesn’t know whether a renter will have an existing address, so the address change should happen without notice. However, if the renter chooses to change a number they should provide some form of written notice.

For those who do not know and choose to go with an existing address, the commission recommends the process as follows:

“It is not necessary to complete a legal statement with a new address, and it is not necessary to get a license to get a rental unit. You could use the services of the California Real Estate Licensing Division to change your address before you open your case. The California Real Estate Commission has an online tool for renter locator which connects renter locator with state agencies.”

The change of address reminder is a reminder, but it does not recommend it as an action to take before making changes.

As a renter, you are responsible for keeping current with the commission’s real estate listings.

After the New England Patriots pulled off the greatest comeback in football history, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and his officials had an awkward moment — one that left them asking, “Is this real life?”

As the game ended, officials noticed a fan standing up and cheering, and immediately ejected him from the stadium.

While it’s unclear what the fan said, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell seems to know what happened, and has explained the situation to The Washington Post — even as he and officials scrambled to figure out what to do.

“We were getting into the third quarter of the Patriots-Steelers game, and there was a fan who stood up, and it was obvious that he was not a Patriots’ fan,” Goodell said. “I think our security folks, as they went into the crowd, took him to meet with us. We tried to understand the nature of his behavior. There was no reason to take any action other than remove him from the stadium,

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