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That’s the question I ask myself every time I pull out my iPad and start drawing something fun. (And yes, even the iPhone and the iPad are no fun.)

For this week’s challenge I decided to draw something that’s really fun. This would be a series of sketches.

It’s a simple challenge. Draw something simple. One sketch a day for about a week. Then, on the second day, do something different and different, even something really fun, like a cartoon character. Here’s some random ideas – some of them are actually very familiar to me:

A cartoon character that would be cool if you didn’t really know who he/she was

A character with a funny name

An artist that I found to follow in my dreams

A woman that I fell in love with because of her character

…and even my least favorite, my own character

There are a couple of important parts about the challenge. The first is that your character doesn’t have to be exactly the same color than everyone else. The second is that it’s OK to be creative. The rules are relatively simple: the only rule that really matters is to draw something fun. For those not familiar with the rules, this post is the official explanation of how to build your own character.

So let’s start sketching!

You can draw anything you want. Maybe you want to draw a drawing of a horse, a dog, a cat, a dog or even a bird? I think it’s silly to draw a drawing of a dog because it would be obvious to do so. However, I imagine that someone who draws a cat will say that his cat is “cool”.

Anyway, I decided to draw a woman with a funny name, which I thought sounded cool. My friend made a sketch of her in my mind. The idea was to draw like that, so I took this sketch to the studio.

Pin by Yana Pshevoznitskaya on Manic Botanic. Ирина Винник ...

After drawing the drawing, we were supposed to do a mockup together. But it didn’t work out.

I had a different artist design a version of my sketch using an iPad app. But she didn’t think it worked as well as my original idea, so she left.

It was just the two of us again. Then, I remembered that the artist at school (who I met at school two years ago) made a drawing of an elephant that really helped me. So I asked him to come by my apartment.

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