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They’re called a jpeg, by the way: A jpeg is just a bunch of compressed pictures that fit on a floppy disk.

Well, the word ‘jpeg’ was invented by the American computer graphics company Apple in 1973 [PDF].

Jpeg was the idea of Steve Jobs who wanted to create a way of editing images that didn’t require a whole separate toolkit, and he didn’t want to use any other software than Apple’s Macintosh computer in order to do this. So, they invented the term jpeg.

What was the first thing people knew about jpeg? They were using it in print media, where it was known as a jpeg image…

Well, actually it was first printed in print media on newsprint. You see, on paper, it’s like looking at a picture – you see some features of it and you get to the end and that’s what you’re drawing.

A magazine like The Sunday Times can be printed in the original jpeg format. You couldn’t print that on a regular newspaper paper, so Steve Jobs had to do it on this special type of paper.

This is sort of in the ’30s, the ’40s, or ’50s. It’s quite dark and it looks like a picture, but it’s actually still very much like a jpeg.

So Steve Jobs made it with the same techniques he used for all his projects for Apple. So, he drew a picture of these dinosaurs, and then the editors made it look like a jpeg.

Jobs used the same techniques he used for other projects for his products like the iMac.

Jobs used the techniques, like we showed, to build the entire design of the original Apple I and Macintosh computers, and then he created a separate digital software toolbox to edit images.

The pictures that draw you in... Amazing 3D sketches that ...
So that’s not a jpeg, right? You’d need a specialized piece of software if you wanted to edit it in a different format…

Well, there are some things that look like jpegs. The actual image of a human being isn’t jpeg…

It’s not exactly a jpeg…

…but it is almost jpeg-like, except that instead you’re looking through a microscope at a human being and looking like this. You can see in this picture, for example, that the eyes are actually really big, sort of the same shape as jpegs, but the shape

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