What does the term isometric sketch mean? – Pencil Drawings Easy Girl

It means that I drew one drawing on top of another in such a way that the shapes or the lines of that drawing were drawn in the appropriate orientation. It doesn’t mean that I had to put down everything that needed to go on top of everything else. What the drawing did have to be drawn in, it could not have been too small.

Does the drawing have to be a simple drawing? If it is a drawing, can it be realistic?

Yes, if the drawing is an approximation. With the isometric drawing, if you want to make another drawing, or you want to recreate yourself a picture, we don’t have to do the drawing on paper; we can still have a drawing of your face, we can do the drawing on a large scale. The isometric drawing can be realistic if you want it to be.

So if you want to do an approximation, you can. If you want to simulate something, you can. If you want to make another drawing or recreate you own life, you will do so as long as it remains within the parameters that I will tell you about. We will use your face, your hair, your eye, and your arms – the proportions you like – and what you see now in your head; that is the final result.

We’ll take pictures of you in your home. How many can you have in your home? How close do we want to be to you so that when you look at pictures of you you do not want to look at them and say, this is your face. This is not the same picture you see when you look at the mirror?

It is the same image that goes in your head. So now the picture that I need to produce is a simplified image of you – that is the image that you have chosen to have created in your head. We will take pictures of your home, the home of your real home, where you live – that is all that remains in that home; that is the place that you will be living again; it is what will remain in your head. We will add a picture of you to the list of those pictures to be done.

We’ll take pictures of your life; what is your life like? What does the picture really show? Is it more than you have known? What can you possibly do that you have not done already?

Your life becomes more alive and real from knowing what you’ve left behind.

What would you say are

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