What is a 2b pencil for? – Pencil Drawings Of Flowers In A Vase

There’s a new 2B pencil on the market, the “Lux”. It’s a bit more expensive than the old 2B, but is worth every penny.


It’s used for modeling, drawing, and shading. Also, it’s good for sketching.

How do 2d2b products differ from regular 2D pencils?

The Lux 2b has a slightly longer end section than the previous model.

The Lux 2 has a wider and larger rubberised section than the previous version. The rubberised sections cover more of the pencil than the ones on the old 2.

Why are there 2b pencils?

The 2b model was the first with a longer nib on it. The new 2b is only slightly longer.

The 2b is a better choice if you’re using 2×2 for a sketch. It feels thicker and has more flex. It also makes a nice sketching pen. The 2b is better for drawing.

Why do I have to order at least two 2d2b products?

If you’re just looking for a 2b pencil, the 2d2b model is enough.

Are 2d2b products available abroad?

Yes. The new version of the 2b is available in all Europe (with UK shipping included).

How much is shipping to my country?

We aim to ship it from the UK, so £4.95 (€8.99).

International shipping costs can be found at the end of this page.

Does 2b pencils come folded?

No. They come folded. But they take longer to write in.

I have more questions!

We recommend you contact us via the contact page, on our homepage.

Are all models available on different days?

Yes. The models you see above are the first designs that were produced. When the new 2b is released, we’re going to take orders for it as well. Once we get a number of pre-orders we’ll announce all the models in stock.

Will the 2b be available online?

Yes. The 2b is going to be available on our homepage along with all the other models:

I got a 2b for Christmas…but why did I buy it?

The 2b would probably be good for Christmas presents…if you like the

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