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If you don’t read the instructions, please don’t use this product with graphite! If you have any questions regarding your use of the product, please contact us

Why should I buy this product? Well, graphite pencils are a very old technology. They have helped scientists to discover and understand the properties of carbon, which in turn will help us produce many new scientific and industrial products! So a graphite pencil will help you to be on the forefront of the graphite science in the future. Our pencils are very lightweight and highly absorbent – you get a sharp, comfortable and highly accurate grip – for very accurate text and text messages. Our graphite pencils are also very lightweight – for users who carry the equipment around all day, these pencils are ideal.

I am worried about pencil sharpening

When you sharpen your pencil, it is impossible to remove the sharpening element from it, so sharpening and cleaning should be done only by a certified hand sharpener with proper tools and procedures. All Graphite pencil sharpeners are approved so that, in case of any errors, the sharpening of your pencil does not cause any injury. Furthermore, when we do not provide all the tools and procedures, please make sure to get your original set from your local professional and get these as soon as possible.

When the pencil has been polished to a higher luster, is my pencil sharper still sharpened?

Our products have been designed to be highly absorbent, so your pencil won’t get dull and you will get sharper. However, if you are not satisfied with the sharpening of your pencil, please ask us and we will happily provide you with the correct solution.
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