What is a graphite pencil? – Pencil Rendering Pros And Cons

A graphite pencil is a pencil that can be used to create graphite diagrams, drawing lines in thin lines.

What is the difference between a graphite pencil and an aluminum pencil?

The difference is in the hardness of the graphite and the aluminum. The graphite has a low hardness of about 99.8% (2) and a much better alloying quality, of around 2.5%. Aluminium pencils are harder than graphite pencils by 100-200%.
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What is “high density”?

High density graphite is a graphite that can be drawn at a sharp pressure without being stretched. High density graphite can be drawn for a much longer amount of time than thin, thin lines. High density graphite can also be used in very high speed drawing.

Graphite density is a very large component of drawing speed. On drawing and writing high density graphite at a speed such as 15 degrees per minute, using an aluminum pencil, you can write 1000 words in 24 hours! In normal writing speed, you write about 20,000 words in one year! This graphite writing speed at a level of around 7 or 8 degrees per minute works out to a very fast writing speed.

How fast would it take my son to write that many words if he was drawing graphs?

It depends on the graphites and the speed, but with normal writing speed it can take 1 hour or so for 2.5 grams of graphite, which requires about 1.3 pounds of lead. If the graphite is thick enough and has a thin enough lead core (less than 1mm thick) then it only takes a few hours for 2.5 grams of graphite. By the time he has reached 9 or 10 degrees in writing speed, he can have written up to 3,000 words.

How hard is graphite in writing?

It gets harder the more you draw, to the point that it becomes nearly un-readable at extreme writing speeds.

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