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(This image was taken from the movie.)
I’m pretty sure I heard this one before…
It’s not what I think…
And maybe the above is what I heard from my friend. Anyway, if you haven’t heard of it, we’ll have to leave the question off for now. So what is a pencil drawing, anyway?
I had the pleasure of seeing one at a local art auction. Here’s an example…
The auction included what I assumed was an original from the ’90’s as well as a ’70’s rework…
Anyway, for the purpose of this discussion, we’re not going to discuss “art” (there’s really no such thing anymore, but I’ll get to that later…).
The key word in this post is “hand drawn” – hand drawn art is a genre unto itself, filled with different styles and techniques.
There are some styles of hand drawn art that I won’t delve too much into today, because they’d be a whole different topic.
But if you’re interested in the subject, then you really shouldn’t be reading this. Instead, you should read the relevant sections from my other blog posts.
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Here are the general “rules of thumb” of hand drawn art:
When we consider hand drawn art, we need to be very careful. You should always ask yourself if you’re really going to be doing a hand drawn style, or something similar to the traditional artist’s style. For example, I’d strongly suggest NOT drawing any of my characters from the Marvel Comics side of the universe, or even the original comic book pages I drew when I was in elementary school. It just sounds weird. If you’re taking the time to look hard at a piece of hand drawn work, you may notice a bunch of common patterns that aren’t present in traditional art. It would be wise to ask yourself if your characters are really as realistic as they look. A great example of this is the character of “Spike” in Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog.” As an aside, the story has been covered by many great blog posts (here and here , among others). The basic story behind the character is this: In “The Princess and the Frog,” a frog named “Spike” was a member of the Princess’s family…and the rest of the frog’s family was not so lucky. They were stolen by a strange princess, who has her own secret plans for them. (If any of that sounds familiar to any of

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