What is a pencil made of?

Some of the best stuff in the world is made from the stuff that people carry around on their person.”
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What’s the best way for a guy to get in shape? “I think the fastest way is to pick a random guy that’s never picked up a pencil or a notebook, and give him a notebook and a pencil,” says Hurd. “The second way is to do what all us old-school junkies all do—we pick random things that we’ll never use, like our old shoes. No. 2 way is to get yourself into the gym on some daily basis, and the third way is to get your ass into a book about how to get in shape.” (What’s that? That last one’s not in his book!) Finally, his favorite way? “I just have a thing for writing things that sound pretty stupid,” Hurd says. “I always do that because I know how it’ll end.”

Which is it? Which is a piece of shit that you just want to punch right in the face? “The answer is both,” he replies quickly. “The thing is, as crazy as this sounds, I could pick any of the above answers. You could just make any of these lists.”

As he spoke, I realized how funny he was. His words were such a joy to listen to. A few hours later I caught up with Hurd and asked him about those books I’d read, as well as those others he’d come across over the years.

The Complete Book of Hurd

I want you to remember Hurd, the guy with the pencil. In a world of people in tight spaces with a lot of money and not much to do, he was on the outside looking in.

“I was probably the one who started to take control of my destiny as far as spending time out of my pocket, because I never spent much out of my pocket,” he says. “I had to live hand-to-mouth and it was pretty tough. My best friend would have to go into my room and sit on the floor with me for a few days just to go out and see a show. I had to go out and buy cigarettes just to stay alive, so it made sense to me that there couldn’t just be a million people out there doing that. I wanted to run away with the free stuff and just enjoy life.”

A decade and a half later, Hurd is now a successful business executive in his 30