What is basic drawing? – Easy Pencil Drawings For Beginners Step By Step Owl Kids

What is not?

To make things that look good, to get something on the page, we need the following things:

Some basic shapes. (We will have an introduction to these here). We need all kinds of line work to establish those basic shapes.

You will often see things like lines cut in the middle, or lines where they’re cut out. Those are called “cute lines”, because they help remind us of one thing:

A beautiful circle.

If those shapes look familiar, that’s because they will be the same shapes in this series. In fact, if you think what circles have to do with lines, you may remember that one line is usually made from two circles, that’s a pretty accurate description.

The basic idea here is that these lines need to help define the shapes. How would a person define a circle if he didn’t know it at all? We need to give him some basic shapes to work with as a guide. A line is often done this way:

We start with two circles or two lines and then we make some curves that help define this circle. We don’t do curves all the time, we usually stick to line stuff to begin with, which helps to get some practice, but if you’ve been using a pen and paper, you’ll know how to take a graph and draw a curve, with lines. If you wanted to use this example with a pencil, instead of straight lines on a graph, you would need to add curves in place of lines. A simple way to do that would be to just sketch out two circles to help set their form apart. The lines would then help fill in the gap between the circle and the end of the stroke, making a perfect circle.

(This kind of thing might be a bit overwhelming; feel free to skip to Part 5 or take 3 minutes to practice).

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This is one of the most basic ways of thinking about drawing. It helps us understand what the strokes mean, how to shape them, and just in general how to think about drawing stuff. It’s what you should be learning in art school, as soon as you’re interested.

(These kinds of curves can be made with just pencil, pen and paper: you just need to take some drawing techniques with you when you travel).

Basic Strokes and Points

Every shape, every line will be used more than once, it’s not uncommon to do so in a single drawing. What

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