What is basic sketching?

Basic sketching is taking a drawing that’s already been drawn and making it more simple. You want to make the drawing clearer by adding in more lines and adding shading and different shapes and shading with the color. You can also draw it without curves or lines in it. It gets really fun when you start creating the look that’s going to go with that one moment in time where you might be in a sketching session. I usually draw something in my head or sketch down ideas. I make sketches and sketches until I’ve got something that I like and don’t mind getting a little more complicated as I get creative.

How do you think I draw?

I think pretty much a lot about my style and my mood. If I’m not feeling the idea then it isn’t coming across. It’s always something to do with it, usually it’s an idea of how the scene would be or my emotions or just the tone of the page.

I like to do things just a little different, maybe I would like to do something a little more subdued, maybe I’d like to do something with a different color scheme, different colors, maybe a different lighting, different mood, whatever. I like to experiment, try ideas. One thing I think I did better than probably anyone else is that I just drew it and then went to work with it, I didn’t need to ask anyone to tell me a particular image would look good, I just went to work with it and came out with it. That’s very important, to come out with an idea, to have faith and not be afraid to go out and take risks.

What kind of work have you done recently?

I was working on another project, which I just got back from, so it was a week or two ago, when I went back to school to get the degree that would be my job in this job that I’m doing now. I started to teach art again, because I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to make a career out of it. I was thinking if I get a job where I get to draw, I’ll just get a job drawing as long as I think that makes me feel good, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make a career out of that. That led me to go and take another course for art history.

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After I finished those first two levels of coursework I went on to take a refresher course for that and also for animation at UCB for one month,