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As you know, it was a real revolution in drawing when you could draw anything, even in pencil, and you could do all manner of crazy things.
As an old timer, and a big painter’s artist, I was a part of this whole thing.
It was a revelation.
I could do something that I thought I was good at, a sort of simplified version of it.
It was a huge revolution in the art world.
But for some reason, it was also a big step forward in computer graphics, and for a while, sketchbooks and magazines were the only way to get work done with no drawings at all.
I would get a lot of crap from other artists when I drew comics on my computer, because they couldn’t figure out how to copy my “basic” work on the computer.
I didn’t see any reason why they should have to, because I didn’t do any of that .
But when I had to do comics on the computer, the only option was to try to emulate my older, more complex drawings with more complex computer graphics.
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It was the first step on the way to the computer-generated world. It was a big step. It’s still a big step.
I do a lot of my computer stuff now, but I can’t draw anything.
If I had drawn something in pencil that I was proud of, I would’ve been proud of what I drew for that issue.
But now I can’t draw anything.
That’s the first difference.
Now I’ve got no more freedom to be creative.
Do your comics look that good because someone else drew them?
I don’t know.
I’ll say this. I’ve done a lot of comics, and some of them look really good, and there are a whole bunch that don’t .
I see a lot of good-looking stuff being made that looks nothing like what I did.
Are the art-book types out there the most popular thing right now?
They’re not always popular.
I’d like it if the people who are making the art-books actually got to make a living doing what they’re supposed to like, and not just getting to sit by themselves all day writing books.
That would be good enough.
You’ve gotten a lot of good reviews, and a lot of good attention.
Is being a cartoonist always the best way to be a cartoonist?
I think that’s a bad question to ask.

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