What is F pencil used for?

You don’t actually use it in real life all that much, do you? In many situations it is a good way to sketch out your idea. In fact, every time you need to sketch a picture, you’ll want to use F pencil.

I’ve always known of the good use of F pencil, I just hadn’t found the best ways.

You can use F as a fine point (and even a medium size), even a medium with a soft point, if the pencil is sharp and if you are in a very dark room (see what I did there…). It is also great to be able to switch between all four types of tips, so you don’t need to get stuck without an ink brush all the time.

You can also use it with a hard eraser for drawing a nice straight line on your paper (especially if you only want to sketch lines, you have your pencil set so high up that the eraser tip is barely noticeable).

Now that you know what F pencil was, you can use it with ease (and if you’re a fan of pencils, you can mix and match your options… or even buy two of the same brand).

So why do you need it in the first place?

Well, there are other brands out there that are great if you are wanting to sketch a picture. But F is, well, much better… or at least, if it is true that you will use an F pencil, you will use it with great comfort.

You’ll use your F sharpening stone a lot more. It gives you a little more control over it, as well as a bit more feel without damaging the eraser tip (you can buy a tip-wax type that you just dip in the hot water and then remove, or even a dry tip but still it will still work better).

For other types of F pencils, you definitely can’t leave it on the table for long. You will be worried about a little bit of scratchiness. That’s not what you want.

I know people who have spent hours using pencils without ever using the right kind. It didn’t matter how many times they worked they were always scratching. Just don’t get any ideas. Just remember to use your F sharpening stone.

This is also why I never use F pens: the sharpener only goes on your pencil once you go past 100%. And that can’t happen if you are