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It’s a pencil that has a very fine, thin tip, so you can quickly write with it and can write on it very quickly. But it’s not just a pencil that can come in a case.

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But you don’t have to use a case with it either. You can write anywhere, anytime and it’s very portable for school purposes.

What are the specs for the F Sharp?

It’s the first F Sharp with an extended nib size of 1.8mm. That’s more fine than the others.

There are two kinds of the F Sharp, the regular and the extended.

The regular FSharp and the extended FSharp both have the same width of 1mm, which they were the first two models to come out with. It’s the main reason why they say this is a big difference. The extended version has a larger tip, which has less resistance to pressure. That makes it easy to write on it and that keeps the nibs from getting too big in order to take advantage of the little pen. It’s about 1% thicker than a standard pen, so it’s very responsive and it has a very fine point.

As you can see it’s a very comfortable pen, very comfortable in writing, and it’s very easy to hold for extended periods of time.

Do I have to buy this model?

This is a new version of the F Sharp and the other models that came before it. You can use them and they work just fine. But if you want to do more than just write you’re going to have to buy the next ones or the new model.

Can the pen be replaced if you want to switch pens?

It has a good battery. But a good battery and a strong pen can save you a lot of time.

A good pen and a solid pen can turn a day of hard work into hours of productive time.

Does it have any drawbacks?

It comes with a nice case that holds the pen, an extension, and a clip.

When you start to write you’ll be surprised. It’s so comfortable to write on it and you can always take it off with your hands.

What are the pens with the same dimensions?

They are the F Sharp Plus, F Sharp and F Sharp Plus with the 1.4mm tip.

These pens aren’t like the other pens that come with the new model. They’re the same

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