What is F pencil used for?

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It really is a pencil or any other writing utensil with a tiny hole at the end. One can only be made by using glue, and a hot glue gun in very high temperatures, hence it is so dangerous.

What is the most dangerous way to shoot F pencils? (from reddit)

The easiest way is to point it at someone in a very loud voice. The most common side effect is that the pencil will explode, causing serious injuries like a serious head injury, or the potential killing of the person who has been targeted with the pencil.

Why would someone do this? (from reddit)

This has no known known consequences, but the main cause is extreme anger, sometimes leading to self-harm.

A pencil is a very dangerous toy? (from reddit)

There are many children around the globe who are still playing with pencils, but have no idea how dangerous this thing is. One pencil can kill someone, not for a single little thing, but for the simple matter of having too much hatred for someone in the world.

Where are F pencils made? (from reddit)

They are manufactured in China by a company called “Fotopoison” to be used as weapons in schools across America.

What is this thing with pencils on top? (from reddit)

Fotei, a small company from China who makes Fotei pencils and the Fotei Fink Toy.

Why is it so dangerous? (from reddit)

Because a single pencil has a huge area to attack that is not covered by any clothing or personal clothing, there are a lot of people to injure. So if someone were to hold a pencil in such a position, the impact could end up in the head or neck, causing an extremely serious and painful injury.

How to keep Fotei Fink Toy safely out of your body? (from reddit)

The idea of keeping toys like these safely out of your body is something of a new and challenging topic, but the Fotei Fink Toy has worked in practice.

Fotei Fink Toy (by Fotei)

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