What is free drawing? – 3D Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step By Step

Free Drawing!

To start with, you must provide at least 2 photos of a figure you wish to draw. At this stage, please make sure you don’t draw pictures of body parts that can still be used for painting, as these are not required, only the figure’s design. Once you have your image, simply click the image and go into the next page to fill in the details of your figure.

In the next step, we’ll take a look at the different ways you can choose to create your design.

Select your art

Now let’s select your art, or art of which the figure is a part. First, we need to select the shape of your figure. This will be necessary for the following steps, but don’t worry. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping the shapes in the selection area.

To make a simple selection in the shape area, we can use the selection tool and click or shift-click and drag anywhere on the design to place the art you wish to draw. The shape will be automatically resized to fit within this image.

You can also use the rectangle selection tool to select whole image instead of a selection group. Just click or shift-click on the shape and move it around to place your art.
How to Sketch Hibiscus Flower - YouTube

Now you have the shape of your artwork to begin your design process. Select the background layer underneath the image to continue the drawing process.

Now that you have the painting done, lets go to the next step to finish it.

Creating a gradient

So the figure is done and you have your art, what now?

The easy way to add more detail is to change the background of the image. Select all the layers within this layer and you will see the background gradient now. Drag the gradient layer down to the bottom and you will see that it will look like this:

You can resize and move the gradient layers as much as you want. The best way with the gradient layers is to click and drag them in the layers list to change the shape of the pattern in various ways. You can also increase and decrease the opacity of the gradient layer.

Another useful tip is to make a selection at any point of the pattern you wish to create and use that as the starting point to create a pattern.

Finally, we can create our gradient by moving the gradient layer down to the bottom again and click or shift-click on the gradient tool.

You can also change the

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