What is free drawing? – Sketch Drawing Tutorial

You are invited by the author to check out his free online digital drawing practice. This is his first online web-application, so if you don’t know how to use it, please take a look at my tutorial to get started using it.

How does the application work?

You use Web Drawing to practice free drawing on any computer. It displays on a browser window. You have 30 seconds to get the correct picture or it gets deleted.

What do I draw?

The application allows you to draw directly on the web page. You can have up to 12 lines; all of them are drawn with the same mouse position. The line width is 100, and the size of the canvas is 2×2 pixels.

How does the drawing work?

The drawing is done by opening the “Drawing” dialog box. This allows you to change the brush size, stroke width and the color (black or white) of the line (see the images below).

How do I see my progress?

A progress bar shows your drawing progress. You can select a picture and move the cursor at the line you want to reach by pressing the ‘enter’ key or right-click (Mac OS). If you want to cancel, just delete the cursor.

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